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Thursday 19 March 2020

The Phantom Sunrise cd available now

Blanca Regina / Steve Beresford /
Richard Sanderson / Paul Khimasia Morgan
The Phantom Sunrise
audet007  cd

"Interestingly in the first, with the four of them, things sound a bit more chaotic and estranged; while in the second there is a bit more control and a certain level of continuity, especially in the way  the percussive sounds are used. The whole second piece, 'Sunrise', is an exercise in control, I thought, with some fine introspective moments. 'Phantom' is a more chaotic affair by comparison and an excellent meeting of instruments and objects; bits of music (what seemed 'Für Elise'?) pops up, melancholic touches of the melodeon sit next to abstract movements of drone-like sounds and the voice of Regina going through it all, wordlessly chanting; something not present in the second piece. Quite a fine document and I think it works well without seeing the films."

- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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