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Friday, 16 March 2012

aural detritus concert series 2012

aural detritus concert series 2012:
A micro-festival featuring long duration live performances by special collaborative groups plus spoken word and soundart performances.
Artists include Mark Wastell [Oceans Of Silver And Blood, The Sealed Knot, the Confront label], Daniel Jones [Cathnor], Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga [MoreMars], Robert Curgenven [Line, Recorded Fields], Paul Khimasia Morgan [Cronica, Con-V, engraved glass], Ed Pinsent/Mystery Dick [Resonance 104FM, The Sound Projector], Gimlet Eyed Mariners [Michael Fairfax & Barry Witherden], Daniel Spicer [The Mystery Lesson, The Slightly Off Kilter Label], Bolide Awkwardstra [Chocolate Monk, White Lodge], Joseph Young aka Field [Neo-Futurist Collective, Gold Dust headphone concerts], Adam Lygo [Hive Music, Sloughnoize, Noise-Joy], Slow Listener [Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Tape Drift, Chocolate Monk] with more to be announced.
The Green Room Cafe, Phoenix Brighton; 4th, 11th & 25th May 2012. Doors 7:30pm for 8pm performances. Entrance per event £4. A special all 3 events pass £9 available direct from the Green Room CafĂ© during gallery opening hours.