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Monday 20 May 2019

Cristián Alvear & Paul Khimasia Morgan

Cristián Alvear & Paul Khimasia Morgan
ONCA Gallery, Sunday 19th May 2019

sin titulo #5  by Nicholas Carasco Diaz
a twenty-minute improvisation for classical guitar and guitar body & electronics

photograph by Daniel Jones

Sunday 24 March 2019

Cristián Alvear in Brighton 19th May

Chilean musician Cristián Alvear is dedicated to the performance, premiere and recording of experimental and contemporary music. He serves as co-curator of the experimental music festival Relincha Festival, in Valdivia, Chile.

His work has been published by Edition Wandelweiser Records (Germany), Irritable Hedgehog (USA), Another Timbre (UK), Potlatch (France), 1000füssler (Germany), CADUC (Canada), Ftarri (Japan), Zoomin' Night (China) and Pilgrim Talk (USA).


Jürg Frey
guitarist, alone

Nicolás Carrasco
sin título #5