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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

After our summer break, adcs is pleased to announce the welcome return of the founders of The Sound Projector magazine and comic artists/illustrators Ed Pinsent and Harley Richardson's drone/noise/improv project MYSTERY DICK.  Formed after the demise of the Pinsent/Pouncey collaboration PESTREPELLER, Mystery Dick take their electric guitar and Vox Continental experimentalism to spiritual heights.
Plus, London-based instrument builders and object manipulators YOAF, Tim Yates [The Long Half Day, Hackoustic] and Tom Fox [Vulpestruments] bring their work to Brighton for the first time, while Hákarl [Kev Nickells] and Paul Khimasia Morgan intend to reprise their improvised violin and chalk slate duo last seen in public back in 2013.

Performances will commence at 9pm and entry is by donation.  The Upper Salon, The Caroline of Brunswick, Ditchling Road, Brighton, UK.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016