audet010 Tim Hodgkinson / Ken Hyder / Jason Kahn / Paul Khimasia Morgan Butchers Wood compact disc/ download
audet007 Blanca Regina/Steve Beresford/Richard Sanderson/Paul Khimasia Morgan The Phantom Sunrise cd
audet006 Daniel Spicer & Paul Khimasia Morgan SU:V22 cd-r / download

adcs Gallery

Ryu Hankil by Richard Pinnell

Angharad Davies by Paul Khimasia Morgan

Dirar Kalash by Geoff Reader

Embla Quickbeam by Geoff Reader

Cyril Bondi - Diatribes by Agata Urbaniak

d'incise - Diatribes by Agata Urbaniak

Blanca Regina & Steve Beresford by Agata Urbaniak

Paul Khimasia Morgan by Agata Urbaniak

Blanca Regina & Steve Beresford by Kay Aplin

Brambling by J Kay Aplin

Andrew Page - Raxil4 by Andrea Shamlou

Jack Chuter - Upward by Andrea Shamlou

Seth Cooke by Agata Urbaniak

Daniel Spicer of In Threads by Agata Urbaniak 

Distant Animals by Agata Urbaniak

Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina, Richard Sanderson, Paul Khimasia Morgan
still from a short film by Alessandro Vangi

THE SEEN by Roger Harmar

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